Friday, September 3, 2010


my fav song "oru rajamalli vidarunne pole.."

It was uthradam day, and I was coming home after a long gap of 8 months. The freshness and joy of Onam was in the air .But I was unpleasantly surprised not to see a Caesalpinea(Rajamalli in Malayalam) shrub which I planted 7 years back in our courtyard (muttam). I was told that the shrub was cut to make way for an earth mover -JCB as part of the renovation work. It was inevitable, they said. To make up the loss of 1 shrub, they have got 3 new saplings and is planning to plant two of them on the two sides of our gate. I said ok no problem. 3 for 1, better! I was in no mood to argue with my beloved parents. Instead I would thank them and my ancestors for planting a wide variety of trees/plants and maintaining our place ultra green.

So what's the big deal with that caesalpinea?

I spent one year of my life at Thrissur in a hostel.It was a virtual prison in fact.No TV, no entertainment, no sleep more than 6 hrs.. the wardens used to wake me up . I used to sit in the balcony of our hostel while studying. There was a ceasalpinea shrub at the courtyard of the hostel. Often I daydreamt, gazed at the sky and the beautiful flowers which the shrub bore. The effect of mother nature was so tranquilizing. After doing this for almost 10 months I felt some sort of attachment with that shrub. When I came back from Thrissur, I took a dozen seeds and planted it at my home. But only one of them survived. A few months later it started flowering. I felt as if I ve become a dad. :-) I seeked amma's help to water and nurture it till it become stout and strong. It grew along, attained almost 3 m height and was undoubtedly the eye catcher in our garden. I loved it!

Now hoping that the saplings grow soon and start flowering!

one of the saplings, ready to be planted.


  1. So this is why you didn't get the medical entrance rank that your parents had dreamed for! Saaramillada, nammuku oru Doctor vadhuvine thappaam!

  2. Congratzz machu nee angane achanayi alle hehe :P